Decolonize Your Practice!

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"The 9 Areas of Your Practice That You Can Start Decolonizing"

Have you ever wondered how to have a truly anti-oppressive, decolonized, and liberation focused mental health practice?

Maybe you are feeling frustrated in your efforts to have a clinical practice with authentic social justice values and that truly affirms clients of historically underrepresented communities.

You want to make a bigger impact in your community and make sure that you are authentically showing up for and supporting your clients of marginalized identities.

Or maybe you are feeling stuck, you want to ask the difficult questions but don't want to put the burden on colleagues and peers of marginalized identities.

I have been there myself. Having the lived experience of several underrepresented identities, I can help!

My name is Silvana and apart from being a therapist in the Pacific Northwest, I am a liberation coach for therapists and healers.

I’ve put together a un-checklist on the 9 Areas of Your Practice That You Can Start Decolonizing. This checklist will walk you through all the areas of your practice that you can start decolonizing to have a truly welcoming and affirming practice.

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